Free gifts for installers

Fitting Panasonic air conditioners is even more attractive for installers, who now get valuable free Panasonic Rewards Pounds to spend online in the Panasonic e-shop.
In a great new promotion, Panasonic is giving Panasonic Rewards Pounds to installers with every qualifying Panasonic inverter controlled room air conditioning (RAC) system, or FS Flexi System inverter controlled packaged air conditioner supplied through more than 60 participating distributor branches in the UK and Ireland from 1 October 2007.

Installers can then spend their Rewards Pounds on plasma screen TVs, DVD recorders and more than 500 consumer electronics products on the Panasonic e-shop. For example, a 32 inch LCD TV worth £998.99 is free with Panasonic Rewards Pounds earned from just 27 10kW cassette systems or any combination of qualifying air conditioners to the same value. Even the smallest wall mounted split system earns 10 Panasonic Rewards Pounds. The Panasonic e-shop stocks a host of other products including TVs, DVD players, cameras, digital radios, home appliances and power tools.

Most distributors will automatically register the details each time an installer buys qualifying Panasonic kit, but even if they don’t, a simple claim form is available online at This website enables installers to check how many Panasonic Rewards Pounds they’ve banked and then to order their consumer electronics products on line. All tax and NI liability is paid by Panasonic, and delivery is free.

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