Free cooling chillers

Walter Meier (Climate UK) has introduced two new Blue Box free cooling chillers – the Zeta Echos FC and the Kappa Evo FC – designed to take maximum advantage of low ambient temperatures for cooling capacities from 45kW to 1200kW.

Both ranges will introduce free cooling at outdoor temperatures below 15°C, using an increasingly smaller proportion of mechanical cooling as temperatures fall, so that 100% free cooling is achieved at 0°C. Extensive field tests indicate that in typical UK ambient temperatures this free cooling will deliver around 35% energy savings over a year in situations where chillers are operating 24 hours a day, compared to conventional air cooled chillers. As such they are ideal for applications requiring continuous cooling, such as data centres.

The Zeta Echos FC is available in nominal cooling capacities from 45kW to 144kW, using R410A refrigerant to ensure high efficiency heat transfer. These units feature a patented Free Cooling system that requires a single fan section with the condensing coil and the free cooling coil placed at opposite sides of the unit to give the highest Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) in their class.

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