Flue system is ideal

CCL Lindab has extended its service to the heating contractor with the introduction of a Stainless Steel Flue System suitable for both domestic and commercial applications. Manufactured from 430 grade stainless steel in 24 gauge thickness in a wide range of diameters from 102 to 508mm, the system can be used with gas or oil fired boilers and industrial air heaters.
A comprehensive range of fittings is available from stock at CCL Lindab branches and ‘specials’ can be manufactured to order for rapid delivery. Standard items include tees, elbows, flashings and collars and cowls of both standard and Swedish type.

Flue pipe sections are supplied in all diameters across the range in standard lengths and are manufactured in such a way as to ensure a perfect fit with the standard crimped end/locking band joint form of assembly. Careful attention during the manufacturing process produces on site benefits by ensuring easy, quick assembly.

CCL Lindab’s new Stainless Steel Flue System has been designed on a single source basis and the range of installation accessories is wide enough to ensure one stop shopping for virtually any application.

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