FlexLine, HygroMatik’s award winning steam humidification solution

FlexLine is the newest generation of steam humidifiers by leading humidification equipment manufacturer HygroMatik. The award winning FlexLine series won the prestigious Plus X Award for Product of the Year 2018 and the range features the most diverse choice of customisable options to date offered by the manufacturer.

The Plus X Award’s has seven seals of approval by which products are judged: innovation, quality, design, e

ase of use, functionality, ergonomics and ecology. FlexLine was awarded three out of the seven seals for high quality, ease of use and functionality making it the most awarded product of all those participating.

FlexLine functions as a construction system. Starting from a basic model, only those add-ons needed to meet the specific humidification requirements of an environment are selected. You do not pay for unnecessary features.

Adaptable to any humidification scenario, FlexLine optimises indoor air conditions for industrial, commercial, cultural, domestic and leisure facilities. It can also control and stabilise air humidity for industry and processes with precision.

An intuitive control system makes it easy to set up and monitor the exact humidity levels required for any environment.

Electrode or Heater (resistive): One unit, two possibilities

FlexLine’s steam humidifiers have 16 performance modes and offer a steam output ranging from 3kg/h up to 130kg/h. The units are available in just six cabinet sizes.

Capable of operation with purified or ordinary tap water, FlexLine replaces two lines (HyLine and CompactLine) from HygroMatik’s electrode steam humidification range and one line (HeaterCompact) from its heater element humidification range.

The availability of an electrode or heater humidification solution in units that are the same dimension means, irrespective of which technology is used, specifiers can plan ahead.

Energy efficient and durable

The units feature durable parts which include an improved base material for better performance and reusable cylinders for longer life cycle. The display highlights upcoming servicing requirements, while the inclusion of features such as a blow-down pump to remove scale deposits helps to reduce maintenance.

FlexLine’s steam humidifiers can be connected together to achieve higher steam output. An optional operation management system enables optimal workload distribution between individual units. In order to modify an operation to specific load conditions, an adjustable load shedding between 25% and 100% is available.

A smart control system means greater customisation options

A highlight of the FlexLine series is its touch screen control system.

Running a diagnosis with individual configuration is made simple. When setting up the equipment’s functions or displaying operating conditions, the information is presented in clear and distinct colours with easy to understand signals and icons.

Cutting out the middle man

By purchasing steam humidification units directly from HygroMatik, an authorised agent or approved installer, third parties are eliminated, so not only is the purchasing and servicing process simplified but it is also more cost effective. Operating since 1970, HygroMatik is well positioned to offer advice and support to meet specific humidification requirements.

To find out more information about FlexLine and its operating principle, a video can be viewed here:

For the full product portfolio of steam humidifiers from HygroMatik please visit www.hygromatik.com/en/.


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