Flexible solution for Santander

The solution to combining high quality, energy efficient lighting with flexible, re-configurable workspace at Santander Consumer Bank in Mönchengladbach has proved to be two special variants of Waldmann’s Tycoon free standing luminaire.
At Santander’s new offices, the work environment is treated as a living environment that promotes goal-orientated motivation among the employees. This has been achieved through careful co-ordination of function and aesthetics, with lighting playing a crucial role and needed to blend with the overall design.
At the same time, the workspace is designed for a high level of flexibility and mobility with plenty of tailor-made room for team and project work, presentations and conferences.
The lighting, therefore, needed to give staff control over their individual lighting and be highly adaptable to changing work layouts, while also offering optimum energy efficiency.                                                                                       
Based on these requirements, a total of 900 dimmable, special variants of the direct/indirect Tycoon freestanding luminaire have been installed – all equipped with a special matching base. The luminaires provide each member of staff with two adjustable lighting levels on the working plane, and are also connected to the bus-based building management system (BMS). As a result, the lighting can be adjusted by individuals, and in zones through the BMS in response to variables such as natural daylight and occupancy. Energy consumption can also be monitored through the system.
Since the installation was completed, staff have praised the pleasant glare-free light and the visual comfort it provides, as well as the aesthetics of the luminaires themselves.

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