Flexible Room Control in a Compact Unit

Used in hotel rooms, cruise ship cabins and offices around the world, Beckhoff’s BC9191 Room Controller covers all the standard functions required for individual room control in a compact design. This mains-powered unit incorporates 16 I/O points, including analogue and resistance inputs for the connection of various measurement sensors and setpoint controls.

The outputs feature high current relays and triacs, ideal for the direct switching of heaters, fans and valves. Beckhoff’s KL-series I/O terminals can simply be added to the BC9191 to expand its capabilities.

The twin Ethernet ports can be used to connect the controllers to a wider network structure and also support Modbus TCP communication to allow the connection of other intelligent devices.

By adding the KL6583 EnOcean transceiver, the BC9191 opens up connectivity to the world of EnOcean wireless energy-harvesting devices. Battery-less switches and sensors can be connected to further enhance functionality without the need for disruptive cabling.

The BC9191-0100 variant incorporates an RS485 serial port supporting Modbus RTU and DMX for advanced lighting control.

Beckhoff’s free TwinCAT 2 application development software includes comprehensive libraries for all common functions such as HVAC and lighting control, thus reducing programming effort.

For further information, please email: buildingautomation@beckhoff.co.uk

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