Flexible fixing system

The new ClipPlates now available from Timoleon have been purpose designed to speed the installation of high efficiency underfloor heating systems.

For years underfloor heating companies have sought to devise an effective means of holding the pipework firmly in place in whatever configuration may be required. The early method of tying the pipes to a wire mesh required intensive backbreaking labour, but attempts to improve on it by developing clip plates often brought their own problems with the plates distorting under the tension caused by the looped pipes.

This was a particular issue at the edges of the plate, where it abutted with its neighbours.

Pouring an even screed under these circumstances was made considerably more difficult. 

Timoleon’s new ClipPlate solution not only provides a versatile means of retaining the pipe to the required layout, but the 10mm layer of expanded polystyrene integrated beneath each plate also guards against deformation – and provides extra insulation into the bargain.

In addition to providing a firm grip on the pipe the deep castellations on the ClipPlate offer protection from site traffic and the screeding process.


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