Flatback extends range

Dimplex now gives total choice over multi outlet water heating solutions, as the new FB series of vented flatback cistern water storage heaters is suitable for applications where an unvented system is not practical.
The open outlet or cistern-fed water heaters feature classic system design to give reliable high performance in a range of light commercial applications including washrooms, kitchens and canteens and are available as 25, 50 or 75 litre units.
The integral cold water cistern eliminates the need to plumb or locate an external storage vessel, while the open vented units come with drain connection supplied and fitted to ensure smooth and hassle-free installation. Also for ease of plumbing, the water inlet is ½ inch BSP, while the hot water connections use standard 22mm pipe.
The water heaters offer a robust 3kW output across the range, while offering precise control over energy usage by featuring two adjustable thermostats, allowing the desired hot water temperature to be set between 50 and 80ºC.
Safety is assured as the FB units feature overheat protection in the form of a safety cut-out.

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