Fläkt Woods launches scrappage scheme

Boosting its green credentials, Fläkt Woods has introduced an industry first, a scrappage scheme for fans, offering a 10% discount to any customers replacing their old fan with the new environmentally friendly Twist Wing fan, and the company also guarantees to completely recycle the removed fan.

To assist the increased need for low energy options, Fläkt Woods has developed a unique design for a mounting configuration named Twist Wing that can accommodate foot mounted IE2 category motors and maintain high fan efficiencies, helping to lower the carbon footprint for businesses.

The scrappage scheme is ideally suited to kitchen ventilation, as restaurant owners are liable for the energy consumption of the property, so a fan that uses less energy will offer considerable savings over the life-time of the unit. Legislation to increase electrical motor efficiency will come into force in 2011, so the increasing need to incorporate the minimum standard IE2 efficiency motors will mean that the traditional pad mounted motors utilised by Fläkt Woods will be replaced with foot mounted versions.

Fläkt Woods’ unique design approach has been developed to allow improved performances and efficiency when using foot-mounted motors – and heralds a new generation of fans.

As part of the scheme, Fläkt Woods is also guaranteeing to recycle the removed fan, reclaiming 99.9% of all parts that will then be used for other purposes.

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