Fläkt Woods launches eQ

The future of indoor air treatment is here according to Flakt Woods with the launch of their new eQ range of air handling units, which progressively will replace the Company’s world-famous EC, STING, and then EU ranges.

When you consider that every 10 minutes somewhere in the world a Fläkt Woods EU air-handling unit is installed, the eQ range has a reputation to live up to.

The eQ range comprises 17 sizes with airflows ranging from 0.1-10 m³/s. The range is available with Eff 1 and award-winning Centriflow Plus EC motors. It meets air tightness class L2 and corrosion class C4. The larger sizes with airflows ranging above 10 m³/s will be launched in 2010. And like so much of what Fläkt Woods manufactures, the majority of all the main components are made in-house.

The unit is very easy to select in Fläkt Woods’ selection tool ACON. The selection tool has a number of new features, such as quick selection for energy optimisation, low cost and short delivery time.



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