Fläkt Woods gets certification

Fläkt Woods has passed the stringent VDI (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure) hygiene standard and achieved VDI Standard 6022 compliance for its range of EU air handling units.
The award of this certificate is particularly important for Fläkt Woods as it gives them a distinct advantage when tendering for work which requires strict cleanliness standards, such the hospital industry, where sanitation is often the principal concern.

Approval has been achieved for part three of the standard relating to ‘hygienic standards for ventilation and air-conditioning systems in production facilities and business enterprises’. The tests were performed by ILH laboratories in Berlin, which carries quality management accreditation according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.

Fläkt Woods was awarded the compliance certificate after months of precise testing, carried out on its EU range of air handling units. Testing was undertaken using the VDI 6022 standard regulations, norms and guidelines encompassing hygiene; planning; manufacture and execution; operation and maintenance and industry-specific requirements.

According to the VDI Standard, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment for production-related areas should improve air quality in respect of particles, odours, moisture and excess heat, in addition to protecting personnel against the effects of harmful and irritating airborne substances.

It also demands that all air conditioning environments, ventilation and air conditioning equipment must be designed, operated and maintained in such a way that increased risk, due to harmful chemicals and inorganic and organic pollution is prevented.

The Standard covers industry-specific requirements for the food, timber, textile, printing and automobile industries, which require high levels of humidity to prevent moisture evaporation from products.

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