Five reasons to choose Herald floor standing boilers for your next heating project

  • Quality

A robust, grade 316l stainless steel heat exchanger is at the heart of the Herald boiler; it can operate at working pressures of up to 11bar and is supported by a 10-year heat exchanger warranty.

  • Operating Efficiency

All Herald models incorporate advanced gas/air ratio controlled combustion technology, which automatically adjusts fan speed according to heat demand. A turndown ration of 5:1 ensures that gas usage is matched to heat demand, achieving seasonal efficiencies of up to 96.6%. The smallest two models are within the output range of the Energy labelling directive and both carry an A-rating

  • Controllability

Boiler and system control are key factors in achieving maximum, in-situ, operating efficiencies and Herald includes a number of options including connection to a Building Management system. It also has its own integral SMART system controls, which is particularly valuable for projects, which do not have BMS. Features of the integral controls include a multi-coloured graphic display, modulating pump control, cascade management for up to 8 x Herald boilers and a pasteurisation programme for indirect hot water.

A further option is to connect remotely via our Con-X-us ancillary, allowing users to have full control of the Herald boiler via smart phones or tablets from remote locations.

  • Flue options

The flue outlet is located at the rear of the boiler and at low level; this can be a particular advantage when replacing old atmospheric floor standing boilers. In addition to conventional flue, Herald is suitable for installation with room-sealed concentric or twin-pipe flue assemblies

  • Installation flexibility

Herald boilers are 395mm wide, light in weight and designed for ease of handling and positioning. The range of ancillary items includes matched primary circulation pumps, Heating system separators, Pressurisation units and pre-piped header kits for 2, 3 or 4 boiler installations

The Herald range of floor standing gas-fired condensing boilers comprise 8 models, with outputs from 41.2 to 227.2kW, based upon a system design of 50/30ºC and 38.5 to 205kW, at 80/60ºC.

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