First global BIM kitemark launched

RICS has developed the first BIM Manager Certification in response to industry need for a universal standard on which to assess the skills of construction professionals in using BIM (Building Information Modelling).

As BIM continues to dominate processes across the built environment, employers and clients are increasingly struggling to find industry accepted criteria on which to base knowledge of practitioners’ BIM skills. Likewise, BIM competent professionals lack a single indicator that will demonstrate their abilities to the sector. This has resulted in many different assessment methods being used across the industry, with little consistency and reliability for both companies and individuals.

RICS’ Certification fills this gap by providing the industry with the first recognisable BIM standard from a global professional body. This will give assurance to contractors, consultants and investors that the professionals and firms delivering construction and infrastructure projects have the relevant knowledge, experience and skills to implement BIM at an industry tested and approved level.

Alan Muse, Director of Built Environment at RICS, said: “Over the last year, we have seen a growing number of members and the wider industry come to us looking for a basis on which to judge BIM competencies. We have directly addressed this need with the development of RICS’ BIM Manager Certification. This provides the sector with a trusted kitemark that will clearly demonstrate the existing BIM experience and knowledge of construction professionals.

“We are also planning a BIM Certification for Facilities Managers and Geomatics professionals. In addition, we are looking at the emerging effect of BIM on our traditional qualification routes and will use feedback from the Certification to inform this process.”

Developed by RICS in collaboration with leading industry figures, the new Certification will be open to quantity surveyors and construction professionals already working with BIM. Applicants will be assessed by a group of experts from across the industry and will benefit from the Certification’s quick assessment procedure that will provide a time efficient route to recognition of their BIM skills by a leading global body.

The Government BIM Task Group, which includes RICS in its membership, said: “We are delighted to see such a proactive response to raising awareness and capability in support of the BIM agenda through the development of a BIM Manager Certification. We have published the Learning Outcomes Framework to encourage a consistent market and anticipate a number of providers filling this space. We applaud RICS’ early entry to this market.”

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