Fire resisting ductwork maintenance

After 2 years of extensive testing, with the co-operation of the Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) & NAADUK, a team lead by Professor Balvinder Singh and Mark Chaplyn, has given guidelines to manufacturers on the cleaning and maintenance of their fire resisting duct systems.

Tests were undertaken using anonymised samples supplied by the ASFP to ensure that the testing was not compromised or influenced by outside parties.

The team spent two years testing the intumescent and other materials used in the duct systems, applying all major cleaning agents and caustic solutions.

The results from this extensive testing has led to the following statement being released to all fire resisting ducting manufacturers.
Recommended Cleaning Regime for Fire Resisting Ducting Systems

“When cleaning fire resisting ductwork, we would recommend that on fire resisting ductwork, that a strong detergent based cleaner is used from installation onwards to comply with cleaning regulations EC582:2004. This approach may require an increased frequency of cleaning.

In cases where a caustic based cleaner is required, a solution with a maximum of 8% caustic solution should be used followed by a thorough rinse with cold water to protect the galvanised surface.

For further technical guidance please call NAADUK direct 01404 891539 or email

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