Fire regulations lower sprinkler entry point

Fire regulations have been under the spotlight for some time. Part of this has been to review the legislation in terms of the building height limit, where sprinklers will be required to be fitted in England and Wales, has now reached its conclusion.

This announcement has clarified the position that now states that any new high rise apartments of 11m and above, will need to be fitted with suitable sprinkler fire protection. This is a big decrease from the previous 30m limit and is even lower than had been mooted within the industry.

Grundfos Pumps who have been a key supplier to the fire industry for many years and have the capacity to design, test and build – to an extensive list of approvals – a wide variety of fire protection equipment at their production facility in Sunderland, have welcomed this news.

There is no doubt that these regulations, alongside other changes to various other aspects, such as cladding, will undoubtedly save lives. Although these changes have also been widely welcomed by the fire industry bodies, there is an awareness that there needs to be a real concerted effort made, in order to ensure there is sufficient skilled labour available to meet this new demand. They are now actively working towards this goal.

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