Fire protection made simple

Producing a technically correct specification for a human-safe ‘clean agent’ fire extinguishing system, which reflects current standards and the latest gaseous extinguishing technologies, is now a fast and straightforward process with the new FP SpecWriter software package developed by Siemens Building Technologies.
FP SpecWriter guides users, step-by-step, through the specification creating process, using a simple question-and-answer process based on a decision tree that should eliminate the risk of errors, inconsistencies and omissions. It produces a finished specification in Microsoft Word format, which not only makes editing straightforward, but also makes it easy to insert into any other documents.

Those familiar with Barbour’s Specification Expert will readily welcome FP SpecWriter’s style, user interface and its content.

The new FP SpecWriter package incorporates the recent revisions made to the many British Standards applicable to gaseous fire extinguishing systems, and also takes into account the latest and most innovative technologies.

Pertinent questions are asked by FP SpecWriter as it guides users through the preparation of a specification, and the answers chosen by the user determine subsequent questions and options.

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