Fire protection goes on tour

WAGNER UK’s innovative fire protection solutions – OxyReduct and TITANUS ASD – will be going on tour around the UK and Ireland on a multi-city Roadshow during May and June, 2012. Visitors will be able to visit the OxyReduct demonstration trailer and witness at first hand an environment where fire cannot start. They will also be able to get ‘hands-on’ with TITANUS ASD, one of the most comprehensive ranges of Air Sampling Smoke Detection systems currently available.

CPD presentations will be running throughout the day at each of the 14 venues and WAGNER UK’s staff will be available to answer questions and help with ‘hands-on’ sessions. Each Roadshow will be open early in the morning to late afternoon to allow the event to be accommodated into people’s busy schedules.

OxyReduct continuously reduces the oxygen level in a room by adding nitrogen to the air so that an open fire is impossible. Importantly, people can enter and work in the protected area at any time. It is therefore the ultimate form of fire protection as it stops a fire from starting in the first place.

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