Finance package helps bring HQ building services into the 21st Century

logoLeading cloud-based software company Software Europe has marked its 25th anniversary with an overhaul of the building services at its Lincoln headquarters thanks to a new, financed package from Mitsubishi Electric, which avoids burdening their cash flow with the up-front cost of the project.

The head office was running a 15-year-old air handling unit (AHU) with a Gas fired LTHW coil and a DX chiller coil ducted air system. But the parts were obsolete and failing, and there was poor temperature control in the building.

Business Support Assistant Fiona Jenks says: “You couldn’t regulate the old system. It was a nightmare, as it was usually too cold or too hot. We really struggled for quite a few years, and some of the parts were obsolete, so we felt that it was time to make the change”.

“We felt the finance terms were good,” says Jenks.  “When we compared the terms to a loan, it didn’t beat the quote we had from MELFinance”.

The main driver for Software Europe was the need to have a newer system that would reduce running costs and provide significant energy savings over a period of time, whilst being better for the environment. In fact, they are now saving over £12,000 in costs per year which far outweighs the interest payable.

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