Finally, a bit of advice

“The demand for sustainable buildings is not just growing, it’s exploding” said CIBSE Chief Executive, Stephen Matthews at the launch of the Institution’s new guide to sustainability which he described as ‘One of the most important and far reaching Guides ever to be released by the Institution’.
“Building services engineers have a major role in minimising a building’s environmental footprint and they understand the problems that arise if sustainability measures are not considered at the very beginning of a project, but not everyone does. Therefore CIBSE has produced three new items which will be of enormous value to everyone with a professional interest in sustainability.

“First comes an introduction to sustainability which explains the origins and meaning of sustainability and the drivers to contribute to a more sustainable built environment. This can be easily accessed by clients, contractors, planners and legislators, and is being made available free by the Institution.

“Secondly there is a full Guide which sets out some fundamental principles which, when followed, will deliver more sustainable buildings. It emphasises the importance of influencing the brief and adopting a strategic approach. It looks at opportunities that are open at the early design stages of a project and includes summaries and case studies of sustainable techniques and technologies.

“And thirdly, there is an on-line tool, in fact a searchable online database of good practice guidance. It allows users to generate a shortlist of measures related to a specific sustainability issue and pick the ones which are suitable for their particular building, along with references to relevant guidance documents, not just from CIBSE, but from BSRIA, BRE and CIRIA among others.

“I am really pleased that the Institution has been able to set out the detailed work members do within a wider framework, and to produce guidance which will be of use to the whole construction chain.”

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