Filtering the options extends flexibility and ensures indoor air quality (iaq)

Specifiers can tailor-make their internal environments using an innovative approach to ventilation devised by Gilberts (Blackpool) Limited.

The UK’s leading independent air movement specialist has developed a range of modular ‘accessory’ boxes to integrate with its innovative hybrid Mistrale Fusion System (MFS) stand-alone ventilation. The concept enables easy addition of various filtration options, to the MFS through- wall or through-window unit.

Thus, just by adding the appropriate box behind the core Fusion unit, the ventilation can be simply and efficiently adapted to the specific requirements of each room, be it, F2-7 rated inclusive, or F7+NOx filters.

“Using this modular approach makes it as simple as possible for the precise needs of each room to be met, in line with the latest BB101 requirements,” explains Gilberts’ Technical Director Roy Jones. “For example, one façade may overlook a busy road, so require greater filtration of emissions from diesel and other pollutants. Specification of the appropriate filtration box to the individual MFS unit means those needs can be met, without complicated ducting, wiring or building management systems.”

Gilberts’ MFS comprises a box fitted through the external façade with louvres, and that mixes internal and external air to ventilate the internal space. A mixing damper within modulates airflow to allow the new, fresh air to mix with the warm exhaust air, thus extracting its heat without the need for an exchanger. The integrated low energy fan energises to blend the internal air, ensuring an even distribution of airflow, with control over temperature and CO2 levels within, and maintains a comfortable internal environment for occupants.

Just 2 no MFS128 units or 1 x MFS256 unit will ventilate a standard 32-person classroom, achieving the 8litres/sec/person fresh air required by current Department of Education Building Bulletin (BB101) and PBSP guidelines. Each unit also achieves relevant acoustic considerations: its operational ‘noise’ is less than 30dbA and meet SEN (special educational needs) room requirements, and it has been engineered to absorb external noise to keep within the classroom criteria required by BB93. A boost mode also enables a room’s air to be purged for fast redress of air quality and temperature. Heating coil options are also available to provide primary heating to classrooms.

Gilberts has further taken care to attain compliance with Building Regulations Approved Document L. The MFS range attains air leakage better than legislative requirements – 5m3/HR/m2, and a U value of 1W/m2/°C.  As with all Gilberts’ ventilation solutions, it delivers efficient weather performance via its bespoke louvre system.

Founded 50+ years ago, privately owned Gilberts is unique in having its own, on-site (85,000ft2) manufacturing facility, producing engineered solutions, with an in-house test centre. Technical expertise is supported with full in-house testing addressing air movement and combining with computational fluid dynamics CFD).

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