Ferroli takes a trip to the zoo

Monkeys at a new £1 million enclosure at Bristol Zoo Gardens are being kept warm all year round thanks to high efficiency Ferroli boilers. Two Econcept 50a gas-fired units have been installed in the Monkey Jungle, situated within the heart of the 12-acre site. The Zoo’s primate collection, including lemurs and macaques, recently relocated to its new home, which is designed to give visitors a chance to mingle with the monkeys in an interactive forest experience.

Gloucestershire-based Neptune Building Services managed the design and build of the Monkey Jungle’s heating system, including pipework, isolation valves and fan coil units. “We’ve used Ferroli boilers on a number of projects and so had no hesitation in specifying its Econcept as an efficient and economical solution for the constant heating demands of this project.” says Stuart Mulraney, Neptune’s Design/Contracts Engineer.

The Monkey Jungle plant room houses two Ferroli Econcept 50a wall-hung boilers, installed by Neptune’s team and providing a total output of 100kW – more than adequate to maintain an ideal environment for the animals. The two boilers operate in modular configuration to divide the overall heating load and ensure optimum operating efficiency. An intelligent controller determines at which point each boiler needs to be switched on or off to keep the temperature in the enclosure at around 21oC. The system also incorporates a low loss header to maintain a constant boiler flow.

Ferroli’s Econcept pre-mix condensing boilers offer a compact, SEDBUK A rated solution for a wide range of commercial applications. In contrast to a traditional boiler where the flow of the primary and secondary air for the combustion process is not controlled, a total premix ensures the perfect mixture for complete combustion. This allows the boiler to operate in condensing mode at a higher temperature, further increasing energy efficiency.

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