Ferroli launches easy boiler

The New Optimax HE is simply about making life easier, claims Ferroli’s Senior Product Manager John Lawton. Ferroli’s New Optimax HE combi and system boiler started as the proven, successful Optimax Band A and included fourteen engineering upgrades suggested by extensive customer feedback.

Almost all the upgrades involved making life easier for the installer and service engineer by giving all parts and connections greater hand and tool space. Without increasing the size of the boiler, Ferroli claims the layout of the New Optimax HE makes it probably the most installer-friendly Band A boiler in the UK.

One significant upgrade was in combi power. The New Optimax HE range now includes 38kW and 31kW combis. All-new 31kW and 25kW system models will be launched later to complete the range alongside the existing Optimax 25kW traditional (or open-vented) Band A model.

For the merchant this one Optimax range from Ferroli covers every Band A requirement. For the installer the range’s well designed interior makes installing even easier. And for the user the simple on-board LCD controls makes optimum comfort and efficiency as easy as possible

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