Fast, easy lighting control

An-10 wireless lighting control technology from CP Electronics enables fast, easy and cost effective installation of fully featured lighting controls with minimum disruption.

As such, the An-10 range delivers all of the lighting control functions that would be expected of a hard-wired system including presence and absence detection, maintained illuminance, dimming (DSI/DALI digital and 1-10V analogue) and scene setting, without the hard wiring.

Switches and detectors can therefore be positioned exactly where they are needed, without the expense of running control wires between devices or back to a central controller. Consequently, An-10 is ideal for new build projects, retrofit to existing buildings and extending the functionality of existing systems.

Thanks to its advanced communication protocol, An-10 also offers remarkable reliability as control messages are only routed to specific devices according to the needs of the system. The result is significantly reduced data traffic and faster and more efficient operation, compared to other wireless lighting control systems.

AN-10 also has the ability to redirect control messages through different routes (hybrid mesh network), giving exceptional immunity to interference and other transient conditions.

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