Fast chiller delivery

Walter Meier (Climate UK) is now able to deliver Blue Box Tetris modular chillers within two working weeks of order, providing a rapid response for fast-track projects and emergency chiller replacement projects.

Offering a high level of design flexibility, Tetris chillers offer high energy efficiency with refrigerant R410A, compact dimensions with a small footprint and low noise – with precise control of every aspect of performance. They are available in eight versions with 26 sizes, in capacities from 110kW to 930kW with many advanced features as standard, including heat pump, integrated hydraulic module, total or partial heat recovery and free cooling.

The integrated hydronic module greatly simplifies installation and commissioning without increasing the overall size of the unit, thus helping to optimise plant room or roof top space. It also ensures precise control of water temperature and dehumidification.

Use of multiple scroll compressors connected in tandem or trio provides efficient step adjustment to address variable loads, resulting in higher efficiencies at partial loads. Compared to traditional semi-hermetic compressors, reduction in electrical consumption can be as high as 40% depending on loads.


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