Fan coil flusher from Kamco

As we move into early summer, and ambient temperatures rise, air conditioning systems start to come under greater load and inefficiencies in the system soon show up. Fan coil units are prone to a build-up of scale and other debris and it is often necessary to flush them through to restore them to full efficiency. The work has to be carried out quickly, often overnight whilst offices are unoccupied, and speed and cleanliness are paramount.

To meet this need, KAMCO has introduced a compact lightweight mobile descaling and flushing pump to enable fast and efficient chemical cleaning of pipework and cooling circuits when fouling and scale problems are experienced.

The CLEARFLOW CF90, with integral 40 litre tank, has a maximum flow rate of 125 litres per minute and a 22 metre head enabling more than one fan coil unit to be descaled simultaneously. During descaling, chemicals are totally enclosed for maximum safety.

The CF90 is complete and ready for use with flow and return hoses and a flow reversal valve to speed up descaling and to assist in dislodging any solid matter.

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