Extra efficient cooling

The new AdiaVent indirect adiabatic comfort cooling unit from Hoval features a patented pre-cooling, twin heat exchanger design that increases cooling efficiency by 20%, compared to conventional systems, while retaining the environmental benefits of adiabatic cooling. Using an indirect design provides sensible cooling to the space and ensures that no moisture is added to the supply air, so moisture levels within the space are unaffected.

AdiaVent can be used as a stand-alone cooling unit – or it can be easily retrofitted to existing air conditioning systems to boost installed cooling capacity very cost-effectively. For a power input of just 3kW, it offers a cooling capacity of up to 21kW with an air flow of 6000m3/h and the ability to add up to 20% fresh air to the supply air before cooling.

AdiaVent is distinguished from other adiabatic coolers by its exclusive, patented two stage adiabatic cooling process, using a primary and secondary heat exchanger to achieve a ‘double pass’ for additional cooling. The secondary heat exchanger is used to pre-cool outside air, which then passes to the primary heat exchanger where it augments the adiabatic cooling of the supply air to achieve high efficiencies.


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