Expansion system from Armstrong

Armstrong has launched a new generation of expansion system which builds on the success of its Armex range. In addition to managing expansion and contraction of heating and cooling system water, and providing automatic water make-up, the new Armex II also offers dissolved gas de-aeration within the same self-contained system.

The Armex II Series of high volume pressurisation and degassing systems has major advantages for sealed heating and chilled water applications. One key benefit is that system requirements can be met with a much smaller, safer vessel.

The space-saving advantages arise from the Armex II tank design, which accepts a greater volume for fluid expansion in comparison to traditional tanks.

Incorporating a specially-designed receptacle instead of a fixed air-cushion vessel, Armex II has acceptance levels approaching 90%. It also has the advantage of operating at atmospheric pressure. As no pressure is exerted on the external vessel wall, the system is far safer and exempts the product from the statutory health and safety regimes, and resulting costs of maintenance, necessary where pressurised vessels are in use. It also means that hydronic system components can be of a lower pressure rating.


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