Excellence in energy efficiency

A unique natural ventilation combination from Passivent and REHAU can provide a low energy cooling solution for the commercial market.

The Passivent/REHAU solution combines the former’s passive stack natural ventilation with the latter’s AWADUKT Thermo ground-air heat exchanger, and is particularly appropriate for buildings with deep floor plans and/or restricted external facades.

Passivent’s natural ventilation uses inlets on exterior walls and/or windows to draw fresh air into the building, exhausting the used internal air through high level façade ventilators and/or roof mounted terminals.

Where fresh air is required but there is no suitable exterior façade, the REHAU ground-air heat exchanger draws fresh air into the building through the ground and pumps it into the depths of the building via a low energy fan, simultaneously using the earth’s constant temperature of between 7-12° to pre-heat or pre-cool the incoming air, and relying on Passivent’s extracts to ensure a background ventilation requirement in line with Regulatory requirements.

In domestic environments, a Co-efficient of Performance (COP) of up to 50 can be achieved, with 20 realistic in commercial buildings.


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