Evalon shines brightest

ICB’s Evalon-Solar, a single ply membrane incorporating power generating photovoltaic cells encapsulated in one homogenous product, has proved it can produce up to 20% greater output than the common crystalline type panels.
The product is ideal for our changeable climate as it does not need direct sunlight but, instead, works with diffused light. The electrical power generated can be used either directly in the building where it is installed or can be sold to an existing energy supplier.
The PV-cells used in ICB’s Evalon-Solar system consist of layers of amorphous silicone deposited on a stainless steel substrate and pick-up grid which, combined into modules, are then integrated with the Evalon single-ply roofing membrane.
Evalon-Solar is literally ‘electricity on a roll’, providing pure and sustainable electrical power and – because the photovoltaic panels are part of the waterproof membrane – there is no need to compromise waterproofing integrity to connect cables.
It is being increasingly specified on schools and high profile public and commercial buildings across the country, generating power from the sun which can then be fed via inverters into the national grid.

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