Estimation launches Extreme2009

Extreme2009 is Estimation’s most powerful software release yet, with a host of major enhancements, productivity benefits and advanced contract and financial management tools in Estimating, Job Costing and Accounts packages.

New features in Extreme Estimating, for example, include the Estimate Analysis Dashboard, a sophisticated management tool that provides contractors with an overview of key estimate information across the company.

Also new is Labour Targeting, enabling labour hours to be totalled across selected detail lines and adjusted as the project evolves, so that estimated labour costs remain accurate as changes are incorporated

Managing the financial performance of each contract and the company as a whole has also become easier and more accurate thanks to new tools in Job Costing and Accounts packages.

New period analysis and period-driven reports are now available in Job Costing, allowing users to reconcile the transactions posted to Accounts and Job Costing for specific periods. In addition, users are now able to modify retentions to follow current industry practices of totalling outstanding retentions and allowing simple release of 50% of outstanding retention on practical completion of contract.

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