Essential guide from Dalkia

Dalkia, the leading technical facilities services and energy management company, has put together two indispensable handbooks on carbon management. Aimed at industrial sites and commercial and public buildings, the handy sized guides are being introduced as part of CarbonCare, the new sustainable energy services solution.
Drawing upon Dalkia’s impressive expertise as a global energy services provider, CarbonCare has been designed to help organisations who have made the connection between their activities and climate change and want to do something about it. The booklets serve as the first point of call for facility, energy and property managers looking to reduce the carbon footprint on their sites and buildings with practical advice on where and how to make significant energy consumption and cost savings.

Containing everything you need to know on reducing carbon emissions with facts and tips, along with a handy jargon-buster explaining carbon and energy related terms, the Dalkia CarbonCare handbooks point the way to a sustainable approach to the management of facilities.

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