Environmental Hygiene in Focus – Proven Expertise of the Güntner Group

jaeggi_htk_2014_3dJAEGGI Hybridtechnologie AG, a renowned manufacturer of Hybrid Dry Coolers, has had their unit’s conformity with the hygiene requirements of the VDI guideline 2047-2 (the German equivalent to the UK guidelines ACOP L8 and HSG274), confirmed by an independent body. The competence of JAEGGI sales engineers has also been strengthened by their participation in hygiene training according to VDI 2047-2. Customer value has thus been improved due to JAEGGI’s ability to provide expert advice over the entire life cycle of the coolers and increased client confidence in the knowledge that they have a hygienically certified product.


swisscom_bern_dach_querformatRecognised Rules of the Technology

With respect to the environmentally hygienic operation of dry/wet cooling systems

  • In Germany, the recognised technical regulations and the VDI guideline 2047-2 have been merged into one document. Furthermore, the latest findings and important notes and templates for the operation and documentation of such cooling systems have been incorporated into the revised VDMA Standard Sheet 24649.
  • In UK and Ireland, the established guidelines of ACOP L8 have been supplemented by the issue of HSG274 Part 1. Similar to the VDI, HSG274 Part 2 has an increased requirement for risk-based assessment of each system based on their individual merits. It goes on to provide further differentiation between intrinsically safer dry/wet hybrid cooling systems and traditional higher risk cooling towers and advises that cooling systems should be designed and installed with features which minimise legionella risk.

These rules ensure that all the information necessary for the hygienically safe operation of cooling systems are available to plant designers, engineers and operators, but also to component suppliers.


j_datacentre_telecommunication_unitsHygiene Compliance Testing of the Units

In pursuit of the highest possible safety compliance of its Hybrid Dry Coolers, JAEGGI had the sophisticated design of its units officially inspected by an independent body. As part of the hygiene compliance inspection, the Hygiene Institute of the Ruhr (Institute of Environmental Health & Toxicology) has confirmed the compliance of the units with the relevant requirements of VDI 2047-2. The issued certificate is valid until the end of 2020.

Independent from this, JAEGGI naturally takes the requirements of the relevant laws and standards of other countries into consideration when constructing their units. In particular, JAEGGI has engaged with independent advice from one of the co-authors of ACOP L8 to ensure that their Hybrid Dry Coolers remain fully compliant with all current UK guidelines. It has been confirmed, both in the laboratory and in measurements in the field, that JAEGGI units do not generate any measurable aerosols when used as specified, and are thus tested for legionella-safety.


cambridge-high-power-computer-centre_bearbeitetSkilled Support through all Life Stages provided by Certified Staff

Moreover, the staff of the Güntner Group are skilled in matters of hygiene advice. From the planning phase with technical advice and documentation through to a risk analysis for Hybrid Dry Coolers regarding hygiene and correct service and maintenance procedures, they are always available with help and advice throughout the lifetime of your equipment. The Güntner Group not only attaches specific value to unit certification, but also to the expertise and consulting skills of its employees, not just in service but also in sales. In this regard, together with the service staff, numerous members of staff from the sales department of the company JAEGGI and Güntner have successfully undergone “hygiene training according to VDI 2047 Part 2” to ensure the hygienic operation of these modern high-efficiency dry/wet cooling systems. This training is provided only by VDI and approved VDI training partners and is completed with a written exam according to the requirements of VDI.

The Güntner Group thus offers its customers added value on three levels: Consulting expertise over the entire life cycle of the units; safety through certified units; and certified staff.

More detailed information on the many beneficial properties of the Hybrid Dry Coolers can be found on the website www.jaeggi-hybrid.eu.

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