Entry level monitoring

Parasense has launched Headline News, a foundation solution that enables smaller sites to implement utility analysis and reporting cost effectively.
The main benefit of Headline News is that it doesn’t require the installation of hardware on site, significantly reducing set up costs. Half hourly meter readings are diverted to Parasense where the core data is analysed and presented in easy to read formats via a web based network. Information is segmented so that different parties can drill down into the details and timescales that are pertinent to them, taking action if required.

An initial benchmarking audit is carried out allowing the system to accurately flag three different levels of warning in line with targets for energy reduction. Problem areas can be pinpointed with precision, whether they lie in regions, stores, or zones within store. This prompts a response and communication flow, with tasks assigned to a relevant individual or contractor to address the situation.

Utilities that can be monitored by Headline News include electricity, gas and water, and reduction targets are set with seasonal variations such as outside temperature and business fluctuation taken into account.

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