EnOcean ® Transceiver, SPACE-Sensor™ EnOcean, and SMART-Sensor™ EnOcean Accesspoint devices from Reliable Controls

EnOcean is an energy-harvesting wireless technology used primarily in building automation systems that is quickly becoming the standard for sustainable facilities and smart homes. A global radio standard for battery-free switches and sensors, EnOcean enables maximum flexibility, comfort, and controllability in a building. The proven technology of EnOcean is energy efficient, saving time and operational costs.

Conventional wiring is expensive and inflexible. Even battery-driven wireless solutions have many downsides, including pollution and the need for regular replacement. Devices that employ EnOcean fulfill all the requirements of modern buildings and are easy to use and install in both simple and complex applications. You can expand your system easily at any time and adjust sensor locations to suit renovations or modifications.

SPACE‑Sensor EnOcean, SMART-Sensor EnOcean Accesspoint, and EnOcean Transceiver devices from Reliable Controls support both 868 MHZ ASK and 902 MHz FSK frequencies and provide an aesthetically pleasing way to integrate EnOcean into your next build.

SPACE-Sensor EnOcean

The SPACE-Sensor EnOcean delivers a wireless temperature sensor solution and generates enough power through its large photovoltaic cell to adequately charge under most lighting conditions. Available with optional battery backup, override button, setpoint slider, or setpoint slider with heat/cool icons, the SPACE-Sensor EnOcean is an excellent solar-powered wireless sensor that is hardware programmable and fully compatible with other EnOcean devices.

SPACE-Sensor EnOcean features include the following:

  • Transmission range of 30 m (100 ft) line of sight
  • Able to sustain up to 7 days of normal transmissions in complete darkness
  • Battery backup provides 5 years of operation in a no-light environment

SMART-Sensor EnOcean Accesspoint

The SMART-Sensor EnOcean Accesspoint allows you to integrate EnOcean devices into your Reliable Controls system. The device communicates through the SMART-Net port on Reliable Controls devices and does not require separate power. Like the SPACE-Sensor EnOcean, the SMART-Sensor EnOcean Accesspoint is fully compatible with other EnOcean devices and can be ordered with an override button, setpoint slider, or setpoint slider with heat/cool icons. Connect up to eight SMART-Sensor EnOcean Accesspoint devices using Reliable Controls SMART-Net technology.

SMART-Sensor EnOcean Accesspoint features include the following:

  • Allows integration of up to 18 wireless parameters from EnOcean devices
  • Can also act as a wireless repeater
  • Compatible with EnOcean Equipment Profiles 4BS, 1BS, and RPS
  • Signal strength indicated in RC-Studio® software

The SPACE-Sensor EnOcean and SMART-Sensor EnOcean Accesspoint both have a deep backplate to accommodate the wireless antenna and provide an optimal wireless signal. Optional tactile buttons and sliders provide an intuitive user experience.

EnOcean Transceiver

We developed the EnOcean Transceiver with the goal of easy installation onto standard electrical boxes, opening the door for integration of a wide variety of EnOcean wireless sensors and control devices. For example, the Reliable Controls MACH-ProLight controller has a dedicated EnOcean port for an EnOcean Transceiver, which can host a high-speed wireless network of EnOcean devices. When you bind EnOcean devices to the EnOcean Transceiver, their values are stored as BACnet virtual objects in the connected controller’s database. The EnOcean Transceiver is the perfect solution for retrofit projects or in locations where installation is difficult or expensive.

EnOcean Transceiver features include the following:

  • A slim, modern profile with smooth contoured lines
  • The ability to receive power from the host controller’s EnOcean port
  • The ability to integrate up to 32 EnOcean devices

Backed by a 5-year warranty and a worldwide network of factory-certified Authorised Dealers, Reliable Controls EnOcean devices seamlessly integrate into any facility and provide flexible solutions for intelligent green buildings. For more information, visit reliablecontrols.com/products/wireless.


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