Enfusion enthusiasm

The welding of Vulcathene Enfusion pipework joints has been made even easier thanks to the introduction of a new hand-held electrofusion welding unit, allowing installers to make secure, welded joints remote from the power source.

The new hand-held Enfusion unit weighs just 1kg and has an output lead of over 10m, allowing installers to weld multiple joints remotely in minutes. The device controls the electrofusion process, providing installers with all the information they need to ensure the joints have been properly made. It self tests when switched on, counts down the remaining fusion time and even automatically adjusts the time needed according to varying ambient conditions. It then lets the user know when the process has been completed.
Vulcathene Enfusion fittings are injection moulded with an integral resistance wire in the sockets. The wire is electrically heated by means of the hand held Enfusion unit resulting in fusion and bonding of the pipe to the fitting.
Vulcathene is a purpose-designed chemical drainage system that has been specified and installed in the laboratories of schools, universities, hospitals and research facilities worldwide for over 50 years.

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