Energys Group launches OptiTherm

OptiTherm is a game-changing addition to Energys Group’s portfolio of boiler controls. It is a retrofit device that delivers energy savings of 15–30%, even on smaller boilers not previously considered suitable for boiler optimisers.


Energys Group, a specialist in energy efficient retrofit solutions, has worked within the boiler controls sector for a long time, establishing a wide install base for its boiler optimisation technologies particularly within the public sector. Building on this expertise, Energys has now developed a simpler form of its existing technologies: OptiTherm. This easily-installed retrofit device reduces the time a boiler will burn gas or oil, without affecting the temperature of the building.


For smaller sites, with smaller boilers and less demanding heating needs, OptiTherm offers a new approach to boiler optimisers. OptiTherm is a less complicated, more affordable technology than the traditional boiler control devices.


Despite its simplicity, OptiTherm still delivers the same significant fuel savings that were previously only afforded to large sites. With OptiTherm, Energys has kept the price realistic for achieving rapid payback on small boilers, making it a proven way to save energy on a tight budget.

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