Energy savings are easy

Save It Easy retrofit e-ballast units, now available from Energy Conservation Solutions Ltd, enable fluorescent lighting users to re-lamp with high efficiency T5 and T8 tubes without the need for new luminaires.
Offering energy savings ranging from 32% to 56% in existing fittings, these plug-in units also avoid the need for highly qualified installation staff and all the engineering problems of new attachments and re-wiring. Combining low initial cost with simplicity of installation they give payback of less than 12 months in most applications,

Backed by a two year no quibble guarantee, Save It Easy e-ballasts make possible the installation of longer life and higher efficiency triphosphor tubes in every size of commercial luminaire, including 8ft and 6ft T12 fittings. By incorporating latest technology in existing fittings they avoid the expense of installing a whole new generation of luminaires – formerly the main barrier to more energy efficient fluorescent lighting.

ECSL offer Save It Easy retrofit units with a full range of service and support including free savings assessment, proof of performance trial installation and a rental facility whereby costs.are met by energy savings in operation.

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