Energy saving solutions

Royal Philips Electronics has announced a number of new energy saving lighting solutions with the potential to save very significant amounts of energy.
Philips has patented a unique technology, which leads to dramatic levels of energy saving for halogen lamps. This new technology is being used in a new range of Compact Halogen light bulbs called Edore, which will save 50% on energy used, compared to an ordinary household incandescent light bulb. Edore bulbs will also last three times longer than ordinary incandescent light bulbs.

The new light bulbs are aimed, both at home lighting and hotels, bars and restaurants, anywhere in fact where incandescent bulbs are still used. Edore bulbs will light up instantly and can be dimmed down, something which will lead to even more energy savings. The new range will be available from the autumn of 2007.

Philips has also launched a highly reliable range of MASTER PL Xtra light bulbs, which can save up to 80% energy compared to incandescent light bulbs and provide over twice the lifetime of standard compact fluorescent light bulbs.

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