Energy saving guide from Hager

Hager has produced an energy saving guide.  It identifies major areas of electrical consumption and outlines some energy saving solutions.

Says Helen Holman, market manager for Hager:  “Many energy saving products are simple to install and commission.   After identifying potential areas of energy saving there are a number of solutions available.  Often these are simple and cost effective to implement.”

The guide outlines several different solutions.  It covers simple DIN rail mounted devices such as time switches, lighting dimmers and metering.   It also details some simple lighting control systems using motion, presence and absence detection and the benefits of combining this with daylight harvesting for even greater savings. 

Finally the guide briefly explores the use of sophisticated bus based building automation systems.  Hager claims that such systems are simple to install and commission.  Their own system Tebis TX can be used as a simple stand-alone system or as part of a wider KNX protocol system.

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