Energy saving frost control

Tyco Thermal Controls has launched Raychem FrostGuard-ECO: an impressive new control device for use with its popular FrostGuard heating cable kit for domestic and light commercial pipe frost protection.

The new product is an accurate, electronic, pipe frost protection control device with an external sensor. It can be placed on the pipe for line sensing control or in the ambient for pipe frost protection of heated systems. FrostGuard-ECO is ‘plug and play’, with no electrical wiring involved; the user simply plugs the heating cable into the controller and the controller into the electrical supply for instant frost protection.

Unlike many domestic pipe freeze protection control products, FrostGuard-ECO uses electronic switching control rather than the older bi-metal switching technology which is far less accurate. This means that FrostGuard-ECO delivers heat only when needed, saving energy over the more basic solutions and can be retro-installed onto an existing FrostGuard heating kit installation.

Jonathan Jones, European Product Marketing Manager, and project leader for FrostGuard-ECO, explains: “Our self-regulating technology is a great step towards energy efficiency. However, we believe that every frost protection or winter safety system requires a smart control device to reduce energy consumption.”

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