Energy Project enters its 3rd phase

For more than two years Grundfos has worked persistently to increase awareness of circulator pump efficiency and the part it plays in the bigger picture. Starting with the launch of the World Energy Project in 2005 and the introduction of the World’s first A rated domestic circulator the Alpha Pro.
There are over 120m circulators in operation in Europe today and the majority of these are simply not efficient enough. Their needless waste of precious energy increases the CO2 emissions responsible for global warming.

This year Grundfos will be extending the scope of the Energy Project and will be launching a remarkable new circulator, releasing a landmark sustainability report and acting as main sponsor for the international Expo Zaragoza 2008 (themed – Water and Sustainable Development).

Grundfos are asking installers to help them to motivate their customers to choose A rated circulators, which will not only help in reducing harmful CO2 emissions but will help to reduce their electricity bills too.

For details on the Grundfos Energy Project and the energy efficient Grundfos circulators visit

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