Energy efficient exit sign

Cooper Lighting has expanded its popular Safe Edge range of exit signs with the addition of two new models that incorporate LED light sources to maximise energy efficiency and minimise maintenance requirements.

With LED technology providing a working life of up to 50,000 hours, the new models are particularly suitable for use in maintained applications, where exit signs need to be illuminated for long periods under ‘mains healthy’ conditions. Fluorescent equivalents would typically require lamp changes every 6000 hours.

The Safe Edge exit sign features a stylish and versatile design with a clear acrylic legend panel that rotates through 90 degrees, enabling one standard product to be mounted on walls and ceilings.

Available with a white or silver finish, Safe Edge is suitable for use in any modern environment. The two LED models comprise a slave version for use with static inverter systems and a self-contained version, which can be switched into non-maintained mode if required.

All Safe Edge exit signs are quick and easy to install, featuring concealed surface cable entries, as well as full rear BESA cable facilities.

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