Energy efficiency from Trox

Low energy consumption was the key objective when Trox undertook the design and development of their new range of airside fan coils. Airside fan coils represent around 25% of the total market and offer many benefits such as improved room temperature control and no valve maintenance.
However one of the drawbacks was the potential energy loss due to heat transfer, particularly in the bypass mode, i.e. no heating or cooling. The air is directed over the respective coils depending on whether heating or cooling is required. In the bypass position the damper blades need to completely seal off the heat exchangers (heating and cooling coils) to prevent any ‘carry over’ or loss of energy.

Using over 30 years experience in damper technology Trox has developed a mechanism and damper arrangement unique to the industry. The damper blades have special seals with a high level of insulation and are operated by individual actuators to ensure positive closure. In this way the four damper blades (two per coil) close off both sides of the heating or cooling coil.

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