Energy advice from E.ON

Research by the Carbon Trust shows British business could save up to 20% off their energy costs by taking basic energy saving steps. For many companies that’s the same as a 5% increase in sales. In addition to complying with the Government’s CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, energy-saving within your business can provide a number of benefits which include reduced costs as a result of lower energy consumption and tax incentives which are available for some businesses that buy and use energy and water efficient technologies or low emission vehicles.

In addition, because you are demonstrating your responsibility to the environment, you could benefit from an improved image as a resource-efficient business.

In a recent survey E.ON found that seven out of 10 business managers know their organisation’s reputation and bottom-line would be boosted by adopting sustainable measures.

By getting buy-in from their employees, E.ON has reduced its absolute emissions from office buildings by 15.6% over the last three years which has amounted to a reduction of 7,289,590 kWh and 3,974 tonnes of CO2 across 67 buildings. Representatives from EON will be on hand at The Energy Event to discuss how you could help your company to make these kind of savings.  

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