Emerson Network Power Launches Liebert HPC-M Designed to Provide Optimal Cooling for Small and Medium Data Centers in Europe Middle East and Africa

Responding to the needs of small and medium data centers that require optimal balance between performance and energy consumption, Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson (NYSE:EMR), and the global leader in enabling Business-Critical Continuity™, today announced the launch of the new Liebert HPC range of chillers.  The complete lineup of Liebert chillers, now available in Europe, Middle East and Africa, offer higher efficiency levels and the Liebert HPC-M version features a specific design created for optimal cooling control in small and medium data center installations. The Liebert chillers use R134a coolant and have power ratings from 300 to 800 kW.

Each model in the series is available in freecoling configuration to leverage low and medium outdoor temperature during the year to cool water, thus achieving up to 90 percent energy saving depending upon the external temperature and the heat load condition of the data center.

The Liebert HPC is designed to deliver the maximum energy savings and to operate in tropical climates, up to 52 °C.

The Liebert HPC-M achieves unparalleled efficiency levels. The new generation has an updated design with large exchange surfaces that maximize the already high performance of previous versions. Liebert HPC-M is conceived to operate with incoming water at high temperature – up to 26 °C – and to be integrated with Emerson Network Power Smart Aisle architecture. The whole family was designed using new technology and software to ensure consistent and measurable energy saving, so as to offer higher ESEER and IPLV levels. A new generation of compressors optimized for partial load operation, new exchangers designed for R134a coolant and the innovative electronic expansion valve (EEV) are just a few leading-edge technological devices adopted by the Liebert HPC-M to improve operating efficiency while ensuring top performance.

Through the evolution of the control algorithms implemented by Emerson Network Power, all Liebert HPC models can control the condenser fans in continuous mode, adapting their speed to operating conditions and running the machine at constant power. Thanks to the EC-fan technology, which delivers the highest efficiency from the minimum to the maximum speed, noise levels are reduced and energy efficiency is increased.

Last but not least, the unit can be equipped with inverter pumps used to adjust the water circuit flow rate.

The Liebert HPC–M  includes a specific algorithm created for date center applications like the Fast Start Ramp, that immediately reactivates the chiller as soon as the power supply has been restored (for example from the grid to a genset), thus ensuring business continuity, unlike competing products. High performance is supported by Emerson Network Power’s innovative technology which includes the accurate selection of components from the best brands on the market, both for compressors and for fans. This ensures higher quality standards and a longer lifespan of machines and components.

The Liebert HPC–M is poised to become a reference for small and medium-sized companies, where mission-critical applications are becoming more and more vital for business and require constant attention to energy costs without compromising on the performance of computer rooms.

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