Emergency lighting for open areas

Clearvision Lighting has adopted TridinicAtco’s Talexx EM-AP light engine for use with its Kallista luminaire range. Clearvision is an ergonomic lighting company and one of this country’s leading experts in creating artificial daylight environments, specialising in the workplace, education and healthcare sectors.

Designed to provide anti-panic emergency lighting for open areas, TridonicAtco’s EM-AP is an Emergency Anti-panic light engine with optics which utilise the latest LED technology combined with miniaturised electronic drivers to provide a full emergency lighting solution.

Clearvision has introduced an LED emergency facility into the Kallista range, using a small 1.2w LED which is installed neatly within the corner of the luminaire, to direct the light exactly where it is needed under emergency conditions without impact on appearance or standard photometric performance.

A smaller battery pack can be supplied and is installed, together with the emergency driver, whilst the green LED charge indicator is incorporated within the emitter and is also used for self-test reporting.

The long life of LEDs, coupled with the limited hours of use demanded by this application, make the Kallista LED emergency component a fit and forget solution.


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