ELYSATOR water treatment units now in stock, exclusively at SBS

Smith Brothers Stores are pleased to announce a distribution partnership with ELYSATOR, market leaders in corrosion protection of recirculation water systems.

ELYSATOR’s range of products combine to ensure the operational reliability and efficiency of your systems, protecting and extending the operational life of expensive assets, increasing energy efficiency whilst reducing running costs and avoiding unnecessary maintenance costs and system downtime.

Using sacrificial magnesium anodes to extract oxygen, acid and aggressive salts from the water, ELYSATOR addresses both the symptoms and root causes of corrosion within recirculation heating and cooling systems. ELYSATOR’S proven technology engineers optimum environments for these systems so corrosion can’t occur, and bacteria can’t survive.

ELYSATOR’s corrosion protection systems are unique to the market, by which they separate gasses, absorb acids, and filter sludge particles all at the same time. This ensures valuable components and recirculation water system problems can be protected.

The electrochemical reaction of the sacrificial magnesium anode is reliable, measurable and works WITHOUT chemical additives. Installation and service are easy and at a low cost.

Visit your local branch or contact your customer representative today for further information on the complete Elysator product range.


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