Elliott keeps apprenticeships running during lockdown

Modular space and portable building experts Elliott are continuing their learning programmes and apprenticeships despite the current lockdown restrictions. They are setting up remote access to learning for their apprentices and plan to extend their completion date to make sure everyone involved is engaged and learning despite the pandemic.
Schools, Colleges and Universities across the country are having to temporarily close their doors, leaving many people uncertain about their future in education. Social distancing rules are difficult to conform to in these environments, so alternative methods are being put into practice in a bid to maintain classes and keep people in work.
Elliott’s Learning and Development Business Partner has ensured that every single apprentice has the links to all the online courses, and each comes with contact details to the relevant tutors. The online learning continues through webinars and students can focus on case studies. The practical aspects of each course will be picked up when they are back in the workplace. An extension has been granted to all assessments and exams and upon return, a plan will be put in place for each apprentice, to ensure they can catch up on any practical aspect of their apprenticeships efficiently.
Elliott currently have 17 apprentices in various apprenticeship schemes, ranging from Electrical, HR, Marketing and Customer Service. These schemes can take from 18 months to four years to complete and provide the foundations for exciting future prospects and careers. One of their main priorities for the business is to secure permanent roles and kickstart a career for those involved. In fact, in the past 12 months Elliott have converted seven apprentices into permanent employees at the end of their course. 
Additional training
Apprentices are also offered a whole host of other additional learning opportunities and training, including certificates in First Aid, Fire Warden, Working at Heights, Manual Handling, Abrasive Wheels and IOSH. On top of that, they are also offered:
  • The support and payment for 18th Edition Inspection and Testing qualification and an Electricians card which is additional costs to the apprenticeship.
  • Extra revision classes are paid for to ensure apprentices are exam ready.
  • Electrical apprentices are also offered addition practical experience with the regional electrical team (so their experience is not just in the yards but out on customer sites).
  • All PPE, tools and any other required equipment is paid for by the company to enable apprentices to carry out their roles as effectively and safely as possible.
  • All apprentices are given a day a week to either attend college or for personal study.
  • All apprentices are given a mentor for extra support.  The electrician apprentices also have additional support and training through the National Electrical Standards Manager, who works with the apprentices and the managers to ensure a high standard of support and training is provided.
  • Apprentices’ achievements in the company are celebrated in Elliott’s quarterly newsletter and some are nominated (and have won) their Employee of the Month award.
  • Apprentices are paid the minimum apprentice wage in their first year, but as they progress with their knowledge and experience, they receive incremental pay increases each year which is above the minimum wage. This incentivises and rewards them as they progress.
The process
Apprenticeships are offered to all ages and both men and women participate. Elliott’s normal process is to recruit people to start in September, during this current situation Elliott are hoping to still offer new places this year. There will be a number of positions available in different sections of the company such as HR, Marketing, Internal Sales, Customer Experience, Electrical, Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration.
Elliott’s UK Resourcing Manager, Amanda Luciano, has commented on the scheme: “It’s important that our apprentices are able to continue their courses during the lockdown. At Elliott we are ensuring the levels of engagement online are as high as possible, allowing people to continue their courses for as long as possible. We hope to be able to take new apprentices on board in September too.”
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