ELGA appeals

ELGA Process Water announces new additions to their market-leading range of reverse osmosis equipment. The new models use low pressure membranes which remove up to 98% of dissolved inorganics and over 99% of large dissolved organics, colloids and particles whilst keeping operating costs to a minimum.
Competitively priced to appeal to the industrial user of boiler make up, cooling and process water, these RO units are self-contained and designed to blend into the modern plant room environment.

Control is by means of a sophisticated microprocessor controller accessed via an HMI style panel which gives a clear display of flow, pressure, water quality and temperature, together with operational status and error messages. The controller provides a volt-free alarm contact and a 4 20mA analogue signal to transmit treated water conductivity to a distributed control system (DCS), Building Management System (BMS) or other PLC based systems. Automatic permeate diversion to drain on start-up is standard, to ensure that water quality is achieved and maintained, as is automatic timed re-circulation to avoid membrane fouling during idle periods.

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