Elevation rises to the challenge

Recognising the demands encountered by designers when lighting offices and educational areas, Thorn has made the Elevation luminaire even more efficient and stylish than its predecessors with upgraded aesthetics, optics and controls.

The recessed fluorescent is enhanced by redesigned central optics, including a new micro prism diffuser, and reshaped outer wings. The resulting light output (up to 82%) and efficiency (capable of 59 luminaire-lumens/circuit-watts) exceeds current Building Regulations, while luminance limits below 1,500cd/sq m (louvre optic) minimise glare.

The luminaire employs 24W T5 or 55W TC-L lamps, operated from either fixed output or digital dimming high frequency control gear, with the options of an integral mini-sensor or LED emergency module.

The Elevation also retains many of the outstanding features of the previous models, such as delivering 4% upward light onto the ceiling and walls, intuitive plug and play connections and mini wedge side arm brackets. The 600sq mm modular body sits neatly in most lay-in (exposed tee) ceilings or concealed fix ceilings.


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